About me

I am a Fire Safety Engineer and Scientist, currently Director with JVVA in the Madrid office.

I have worked on a wide range of multidisciplinary projects providing fire engineering solutions, including general fire strategy designs and computational fluid dynamics modelling, in commercial buildings, airports, underground infrastructures, rail and road tunnels, high rise and super high rise buildings.

I have been involved as Project Director and Project Manager in a variety of International multidisciplinary projects which predominantly involved Advanced Modelling of both Fire and Evacuation.

I hold a PhD in Fluid Mechanics with a thesis titled "Fluid Dynamics of Smoke from Enclosure Fires" and previously a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Advanced Studies in Fire Engineering. I have been attending University courses in the Lund University in the field of Fire Modelling. My PhD focused on computational methods for fire and smoke modelling. I am lecturing Human Behaviour, Evacuation Modelling and Smoke Control at the University of Comillas (ICAI) and in the Universidad Europea (UEM) in Madrid.

Prior to lead the Advanced Technology department at JVVA, I worked for ARUP Fire for many years in different offices (Madrid, Amsterdam and London), as European representative of Fire and Smoke Modelling and European Representative for Mass Motion. I have been living and working in Italy, UK and the Netherlands.

My main experience is in Fluid Dynamics, Fire and Smoke modelling, Evacuation modelling and Tunnel Ventilation

I am the Spanish and Italian NIST international resource for FDS (Fire Dynamics Simulator) and Smokeview

I am Reviewer for the Fire Safety Journal, the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Fire Technology,the Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences, Safety Science, Fire & Materials, Building Simulation Journal.

Since 2012 I am member of the European SFPE coordination group (ECCG).

Since 2016 I am member of the SFPE Subcommittee for Standards Oversight (SCSO), Committee in charged with identifying, developing, and overseeing SFPE’s technical products and research work, reviewing new innovations, and helping to establish the research agenda for the fire safety engineering profession.

Since 2016 I am member of the SFPE Subcommittee for Handbook Subcommittee (SCHD)The purpose of the SCHD is to provide a mechanism to help facilitate the flow of information between the scientific and practitioner communities such that future editions of the Handbook continue to reflect state of the art information and approaches as well as addressing needs of practitioners.

I am currently member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the SFPE Europe Magazine. The mission of SFPE Europe is to highlight the practice of fire protection engineering and fire safety engineering in Europe and to showcase current research being done in the field.


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