Tests 2013 Gallery

Here you can find the very first pictures of the 2013 tests. More pictures and videos are coming!

2nd day of tests - the 2MW fire

Pablo Ayala and Alexis Cantizano (University of Comillas ICAI - Madrid)

Me with a proper fire fighter dress (it's impossible to stay close to the fire without it!)

Press conference with Alexis Cantizano and Cándido Gutiérrez-Montes

Checking data and try to get the load cells data receiver working...

2MW fire in the corner and me in the centre
The test facility
Cándido in the crane installing the smoke detection pipes
Ramon Maillo (Xtralis) processing data
View of the data room
Heptanes tanks
Measuring the fire pool
Cándido measuring the air flow close to the make up air grills
Cándido, Pablo and César changing the inlet air layout
The extract vents (provided by Sodeca)
Data loggers
Laptops connected to the data loggers
Just checking that the amount of heptane was right :)
2MW fire

Clear picture showing the smoke layer interface (4MW fire). I am below that showing the smoke interface with my arms


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