CFD 2010

The International conference of Combustion and Fire Dynamics have been held in Santander in Octuber. The conference was organized by the GIDAI Fire Research Centre. The aim of the Congress was to bring together international experts in the fields of Combustion and Fire Dynamics and to present the results of their research and practical work. In the invited lecture sessions Prof. James Quintiere talked about "Material and Fire properties" and Prof. Amable Liñán Martínez talked about "Basic concepts in the analysis of diffusion controlled combustion".

I gave a presentation about "Fire and smoke modelling, the importance of using a suitable tools" in which I outlined the importance of using the right fire model for a given design purpose. The paper was co-authored by Philip Borowiec and Jimmy Jönsson.

(Image taken from last year congress)

You can have a look at the presentation below.

Fire and Smoke Modelling – The Importance of Using a Suitable Tool - Vigne


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