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Fire Tests in Ponferrada (Spain) 2007
A new challenge, a new exciting challenge. Everything raised during my day-to-day work, when I realized (once again) that the level of uncertainty in the field of Fire and Smoke Modelling is something that could have a great impact in the fire engineering community. That's why I decided to convey my efforts into this new challenge and linked that with a University. Why Jaén? Prof. Cándido Gutiérrez-Montes did his PhD there and he is actually my light (together with Prof. Guillermo Rein, Edinburgh University). He published several papers about the research work he did in Murcia, where in a 20m cubic atrium he performed several large scale fire tests doing a V&V exercise using FDS.

Lots of tests have been performed there (hopefully new ones will be carried out too, we are working on it) and the results of such interesting tests have the potentiality to be used for validate algebraic, zone and field models.

So, that's my first task; use the tests that have already been done in Murcia and compare the results with the models usually used in the fire engineering industry.

Do you have any idea or suggestion? Please drop me an email, I would love to hear your thoughts about the topic! or

News soon.


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