Global Tunnelling Forum

I have recently attended the Global Tunnelling Forum in Madrid where I spoke about challenges in the Ventilation design in rail and road tunnel. It was quite an interesting forum with people coming from all over Europe and actually even from China with Jenny Yan speaking about the Karst Tunnel and the state of the art of undergroung industry in China.
Interesting discussions about the complexity of the Roma Metro, the histroy of the Lisboa Metro and the infrastructure and research activities in Austria presented by Robert Galler, just to cite a few.

Impressive the presentation done by Kim Smedegaard Andersen about the Femern Bælt tunnel, a 17km immersed tunnel that will be built between Germany and Denmark. I have been deeply involved in the fire safety design of this tunnel and it's amazing to see how this aveniristic project is more and more becoming a reality (have a look here: ).