My new position - JVVA

A week ago I became a Director of JVVA Fire and Risk. A new fascinating adventure.  
We provide a highly personalized client service with the aim to fulfill the needs of our clients. Our approach is based on honesty and openness; we strongly believe that this is necessary to be able to create a strong and fruitful client relationship.

We specifically develop performance based design solutions customized for the particular needs of the client. This results in robust and practical design solutions. With this approach we can achieve the objectives set out by our client and at the same time show that the alternative design has the required level of safety from any point of view; the objectives of life safety, property protection and business continuity are fulfilled.

Out team develops innovative and practical fire safety solutions based on first principles, fire science and state of the art research. We provide timely, cost efficient and viable design advice. Our engineers have significant international experience, a deep knowledge regarding fire engineering principles and risk management; this allows us to develop solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

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