Week of tests!

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After many months (years) waiting for this to be real, last monday we started full scale fire tests in the Fire Atrium in Murcia!
The fire tests here have been carried out in the atrium of the Centro Tecnológico del Metal, Spain. This facility, unique in Spain and one of the few full-scale facilities in Europe for these kinds of tests, has global dimensions of 19.5 m_ 19.5 m_ 19.5 m. The walls and roof are made of 6 mm thick steel and the floor is made of concrete. Four new exhaust fans provided by the spanish manufacturer Sodeca have been installed on the roof, each with a nominal flow rate of 9.2 m3/s. The australian company Xtralis provided an innovative aspiration detection system that allowed to extimate the position of smoke layer interface during the tests.

There are eight grilled vents arranged at the lower parts of the walls. Each vent has dimensions of 4.88m x 2.5 m. The atrium contains up to 60 sensors distributed in different regions:The the make-up air velocity has been measured with hot wire anemometers. The weather conditions have been measured with a meteorological station monitoring the wind velocity, temperature, humidity and pressure outside the facility.

More info, pictures and videos are coming. Check out the Gallery.

Interview in the spanish TV La Verdad


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