SFPE Europe and Eurofire

I've been recently attending the SFPE European Coordination Group Meeting in Brussels, on June 3, 2013, representing the Iberoamerican chapter. Leaders from the SFPE European Chapters met in Brussels for the SFPE European Coordination Group Meeting. At this meeting, members from Belgium, France, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom reported on activities related to fire (protection) engineering that are going on across Europe. Part of the meeting was dedicated to planning the working session to be held in Basel, Switzerland, in conjunction with the Eurofire Conference (http://www.eurofireconference.com/) this October.  This workshop is the first step in identifying the core competencies for a fire (protection) engineer who practices in Europe.

I want to promote the Eurofire Conference since I believe is one of the most important Fire conferences held in the European Community.

The technical programme includes presentations and lectures which are important and interesting for industrial companies such as insurance enterprises, e.g., FM-Global, to discuss specific issues or general problems and to find appropriate engineering solutions. Similarly, country specific markets can be analysed and worked through much more easily by face-to-face contact which encourages a better understanding of the relationships between regulations and standards. Thus specialists have an option to find new methods and to discover original problem-solving approaches outside their usual surroundings. Moreover, even fire departments, which are not necessarily involved in any scientific area, find EUROFIRE a valuable event in which to participate. EUROFIRE 2011 Paris was supported by the French interior ministry and supported by the Paris fire brigade which used the conference as part of its 200 year jubilee celebrations.

On Thurday, the 10th of October I will present a paper titled "Full Scale Fire Tests In Atria And The Use FSE Methods To Predict The Smoke Layer Interface"